About Our Crate Axle Program

Know What You're Getting

Take the guesswork out of axle replacement and ensure that you get Spicer quality right out of the box. The Dana Crate Axle Program provides a solid foundation for your next drivetrain build. Everything including the housing, gears, bearings, and axle shafts are brand new and manufactured to exacting standards. All you need to add are brackets and brake components that fit your needs. You'll find an axle to get you down any road you travel!


Get What You Know


Dana is a world leader in driveline products and genuine service parts for passenger car, pickup truck, sport utility, off road and commercial vehicle manufacturers. With over a century of manufacturing experience, Dana is one of the most trusted names in the business—count on Dana Crate Axles to provide performance and reliability in one great package.


Check out the Dana Crate Axle site. Find the parts and specifications you need, and even watch a quick video that will help you understand the inner workings of a Dana axle. Then get in touch with your Dana representative to get started today.