Dana 44 Rear Axle Dimensional Information

Dana 44 Rear Axle Spec Sheet

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Dana 44 Axles

Synonymous with performance in a variety of applications, the Dana 44 is available for both front and rear replacements.
Dana 44 Front Axle
Dana 44 Front Axle
Dana 44 Rear Axle
Dana 44 Rear Axle





Dana Model Ring Gear Size
Location Torque limit @ input (ft.-lbs.) GAWR (lbs.) GVW (lbs.) GCW (lbs.)
44 8.90 / 226 Rear 1930 4080 5700 8500
44 8.50 / 216 Front 1930 3360 5700 8000

Note: These ratings are general guidelines. Actual load rating and torque limit will vary by application and duty cycle.


GAWR is Gross Axle Weight Rating. Maximum distributed weight an axle can support. GVW is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Maximum allowable weight of vehicle when fully loaded. GCW is Gross Combined (vehicle and trailer) Weight Rating. Maximum combined mass of vehicle and trailer when both are fully loaded. Torque limit @ input (ft.-lbs.) is the maximum recommended driveline torque input into the axle flange/yoke at pinion.